My portfolio it’s a collection of professional work, academic work, workshops attended and some experiments and trials….

The following projects represent a selection of my work mainly during my study at UCC and the rest of my work can be found on my Behance https://www.behance.net/Menna-salama

Gamification and preservation of Islamic Architecture in Cairo

This project is intended to create a digital archive of Islamic architecture in Cairo and the usage of its elements in creating an educational card game that depends on photogrammetry and augmented reality technique.

To activate the card on the left…..download artivive mobile app and scan it to reveal the hidden 3d model and text.

The project was featured on LinkedIn by Kiri innovations the photogrammetry software company used in this project:



you have to be connected to the internet to activate the app

Speculative Morphologies

The output of a two days workshop organized by digital futures, 2022

AI Art Experiments

Lately I am have been interests in Ai Art, and I have been experimenting different AI art generators like: Google Collab, Mid journey, etc…

Rebranding of Spiro Spathis

This is a collaborative project done by me two of my colleagues: Maria Elbriash, Marwan Sameh in attempt to rebrand the first soda drink company in Egypt (Spiro Spathis).

Digital Art Therapy

This is a collaborative e-book built on story jumper about digital art therapy created by Aseel Wael Elnouty and me.

The watchmaker Game

Part of my game design course at UCC is to create a preliminary design a game using unity 3d.

Eurasian Challenge

Eurasian Challenge is about exploring direct and metaphorical ideas of what architecture can be and do. It aims to foster creativity and expand the horizons of architecture and its meaning in our lives. By not telling the participants about the theme of the competition except one hour before the competition starts and giving the participants only 72 hours to finish the challenge.


This a project I have created and mentored during my work as a TA at the Canadian International College. that encouraged students to design an build a physical model of a dining hall with specific themes like; under water, in space, in Japan…etc. in order to stimulate their creativity.


his a project I have created and mentored during my work as a TA at the Canadian International College. that encouraged students to draw 1:1 plan on the floor to increase their sense of space.


Vertical-Eden is a futuristic mixed-use sky-scraper that describes the life in Damettia, Egypt in 2100 after the flooding of the delta. Vertical-Eden is considered the first node of a floating city.

Pillars of Flux

Pillars of flux is an industrial theme park to be created in New-Alameian city. It’s an example of kinetic futuristic architecture based on shape-shifting concepts and 4d printing.

Architecture Portfolio

The following link presents my work in the architecture field: