DH6113:Conceptual Introduction to Digital Arts and Humanities

During this module I have been introduced to various topics the go around the concept of digitalization some of them I had a shallow prior knowledge of and some were completely new to me. So I wanted to dig deeper and find more about them and that inspired my choice of topics of my entries.

For instance the idea of the internet evolution and how it started I had no idea that there was a Web1.0, Web2.0…etc. however I was interested in learning more about the metaverse which I found out is a Web 3.0 that’s why my first article “In Between the Web” talks about the internet, its development and its effect on the human health.

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However my second article is presents “Digital Storytelling” which is a method that can be used to deliver any kind of information in an interactive and engaging way, it can be used in lectures, documentaries, advertisements, digital heritage and many more.

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My third entry identifies “Digital humanities”, it also sheds the light on the future of humanists and how they can/ should be viewed as designers as well since they are no longer just creating a content but they are now also responsible for visualizing it.

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The forth entry tackles the issues we are currently facing from bias technological systems that were designed by tech companies that may lack enough diversity amongst their employees to create nonbiased systems or may deliberately design those systems for the highest bidders without any conscious or ethics in mind regarding how bias systems can actually harm human beings.

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On the other hand people some people were thinking about the next level of humanism and what can digitalization do to help people transcend and go beyond their physical body, honestly the concept of post humanism and trans humanism were completely new to me that’s why I chose it for my fifth entry

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Moving to article number (6) which introduces “Digital Sustainability” a topic was new to me and I was eager to read more about, I think that potentials that the digitalization has to solve global issues and transform the notion of “sustainability” are really high, and I think that it’s a necessity now since there are challenges at the moment that face sustainability that require a digital solutions. I choose this topic because I am interested in the sustainable development and the SDGs and I have never thought about linking them to digitalization but know I will definitely keep an open mind to it.

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