The Battle of Podcasts

Podcast(NicePNG n.d.)

Podcasting is a really interesting topic for me. I have never thought of trying it myself or to be more accurate, I have never thought that of its benefits and its powers as a storytelling medium thoroughly. I believe that podcasting represents a cheap and accessible type of storytelling, because you can listen to a podcast while carrying on with your daily life activities, while driving, cooking, studying, exercising…etc. making it easier and more frequent to be viewed/listened to by an audience and easier for aspiring content creators However, for me personally I am more of a visual person, I interact and engage better with things that I see rather than things that I hear only.

There has been a battle between which is better a video or an audio podcast, although I have always struggled to concentrate with things that I listen to without having any visual aids, while being able to focus while watching a podcast on YouTube without any issues some people say that audio is a more powerful tool than video because once you put headphones on you can lose yourself to the moment and zone out of the surroundings and focus only on what you’re listening to, the thing that develops your imagination skills because you get to build your own picture in your own mind about what’s going on in the podcast. Which actually makes audio less bias or less judgmental than video because the audience focus on the content and not what the presenters look like. Of course, there’re sounds that might be more appealing than others however people listen to things more openly. (Brandis 2020)

On the other hand, others prefer video podcasting because generally speaking most people like looking at faces, and seeing the facial expressions and the interactions between the presenters making it more engaging. Also, it’s easier for video podcast content creators to go viral because videos are more likely to be interacted with by people on social media, more than audio at least (Doxee 2021)

Personally, I believe that the choice between audio or video podcasting can depend on the content of the podcast itself, the presenter’s personality and confidence not everyone will feel comfortable to be on camera and the feasibility of the proper equipment, the mic is the most important tool in recording a podcast but in case of creating video, you’ll have to think about the setting, the camera and more sophisticated digital editing tools (Team 2021).

I have tried creating a 1-minute audio podcast about my research story and I found it to be helpful because it was more like thinking out loud, the thing that made me re-think things and start asking different questions, so maybe having a podcast can also have different purposes other than entertainment. Below is a link to my podcast:


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