The Watchmaker (Ticks & Clicks)

Game Name: The Watchmaker (Ticks & Clicks)

Game Type: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

Released For Testing: Not Released, was created as a part of principles of game design course which was a part of my MA at University College Cork

Platform: Mobile (Android & ios) & computers

Tools Used: Unity3d, 3Ds max, Word, Photoshop 

Duration:2 months

Team Size: 1

Role: Game Designer and Game Artist

Game Concept

The game is about a fantasy creature “the watchmaker” and his attempts to fix his watch and build it while coming out of his isolation and lonely life.

Elevator Pitch

Excuse me could you please tell me the time?


Thank you,

It’s amazing how such a small gadget can help us organize our day, bet you don’t know how it actually works right?

Hi, I’m…….,

And I have a game idea that I think you might be interested in. Though most of us spend hours playing games no one has actually thought about turning the watch itself into a game. I would like to invite you to invest in my “Ticks & Clicks” game which is the first video game based on the watch mechanism it starts with the setting inside the watch where the player has to assemble the watch parts itself to move to higher levels, and that’s only the initial plot.

I have contacted 2 more game designers who are willing to work with me on the project to further develop the idea and work on the concept and the levels…etc. Also, I am planning to hire 4 highly creative 3d artists to transform our ideas into reality, in addition to hiring 3 game developers to run the game and ensure its working without any bugs.

Our work flow won’t be linear, constant collaboration and feedback between different teams will occur to do a more efficient and effective job, first we intend to create a Game Design Document which contains everything about the game, It’ll be done collaboratively by including a member from each team meaning at least an artist, a game designer and a game developer will work together, brain storm and tackle the initial issues on spot and then when the GDD is published to the whole team typically fewer amendments will be made to it. From there each team member will proceed to do their tasks and solve each problem at a time, doing that consistently will enable us to finish our game within 4-6 months.

Target Audience

This game us intended for everyone regardless of the gender or age, anyone who is interested in watches and how they are made.

Game Flow Summary – How does the player move through the game.   Both through framing interface and the game itself

The player can first enter the game using his/her cellphone to scan their watches or they can open it on their desktop and watch the initial introductory video after which they are guided to the game where the game screen has at the bottom text and watch parts/ tools the player has and can use and, on the top, left the player can exit the screen and go to the hoe page or pause the game, save…etc.

Look and Feel – What is the basic look and feel of the game?  What is the visual style?

This game is the world of watches and gears magnified where you experience every detail within a watch, it is for puzzles lovers and those you appreciate time.

The following represent snap shots of the game design document for the quest and the hero’s journey

Main Duties:

  • Developing the game concept.
  • Writing the game GDD in details.
  • Creating the gameplay, mechanics and game logic.
  • Creating a draft of the world building using unity to illustrate the idea.
  • Experimenting the game concept and art using AI art generators like midjourney.

The following like shows the world building concept of using watch parts as elements of the game, this was done for illustration purposes only and is not intended to be used as the final game art.